Current DIP Datasets

The full set of DIP interactions and its subsets, available in HUPO-PSI endorsed MIF2.5 (XML) and MITAB2.5 (tab-delimited) formats.
The standard data sets provide the basic information on all interactions within DIP including these inferred through the spoke expanson of the multi-protein associations identified in affinity-based experiements but no details on the interacting molecules. To download detailed interactin records visit IMEx dataset download page

Full Yeast Fly C. elegans Human E. coli H. pylori Mouse Rat  
Dataset Release Date Format File Ucompressed Compressed
All data
(81731 interactions)
2017/02/05 dip20170205.mif25 [HTTP] [HTTP]
2017/02/05 dip20170205.txt [HTTP] [HTTP]
Core data
(20864 interactions)
2017/02/05 dip20170205CR.mif25 [HTTP] [HTTP]
2017/02/05 dip20170205CR.txt [HTTP] [HTTP]
High-throughput data
(61912 interactions)
2017/02/05 dip20170205HT.mif25 [HTTP] [HTTP]
2017/02/05 dip20170205HT.txt [HTTP] [HTTP]
NOTE: To speed up downloads, use .gz version of the files, compressed with gzip program.