DIP IMEx Datasets

DIP IMEx datasets contain all IMEx-compliant experimental records present within DIP. The IMEx datasets are created by concatenating all the IMEx records released by DIP. Thet constitute the most detailed source of IMEx-compliant experimental records available within DIP. In addition to the incremental datasets created every time a new batch of IMEx records is released DIP, the year total and cumulative sets contain records imported within a given year or, respectively, all the IMEx records imported until the cumulative set's release date.
DIP-IMEx data sets contain records curated according to the IMEx Curation Rules. They provide information on the experimentally determined details of the interactions. These might include interacting regions of the proteins, mutations affecting interaction and relevant posttranslational modifications.

Cumulative 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008  
Dataset Release Date Format File Ucompressed Compressed
(5412 articles)
2016/12/30 dip_imex20161230CT2016.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
(5028 articles)
2015/12/31 dip_imex20151231CT2015.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
(4382 articles)
2014/12/28 dip_imex20141228CT2014.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
(3653 articles)
2013/12/27 dip_imex20131227CT2013.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
(2852 articles)
2012/12/29 dip_imex20121229CT2012.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
(2217 articles)
2011/12/26 dip_imex20111226CT2011.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
(1602 articles)
2010/10/02 dip_imex20101002CT2010.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
(877 articles)
2009/12/21 dip_imex20091221CT2009.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
(874 articles)
2008/12/21 dip_imex20081221CT2008.xml [FTP]  [HTTP] [FTP] [HTTP]
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