Development of the DIP database software and curation of the protein interaction data is supported by NIH grant 5R01GM071909 Participation of the DIP database in IMEx Consortium was funded by European Comission under PSIMEx, contract number FP7-HEALTH-2007-223411

Developed with

PostgreSQL (Postgres) - open source, object-relational database management system Spring (2.5) - open source application framework for the Java platform
Hibernate - open source object-relational mapping (ORM) library Apache Struts (2.x) - web application framework for developing Java EE web applications
Apache Lucene - information retrieval library YUI 2 Library - JavaScript and CSS web browser user interface library
Compass - open source Java search engine framework built on top of Apache Lucene Subversion - open source version control system
Overlay Weaver - open source overlay network construction toolkit Apache Maven - build manager for Java projects