DIP Search

The DIP database can be searched in a number of ways to retrieve the information about specific protein or interaction. It is also possible to retrieve entire groups of proteins or interactions fulfiling user-specified criteria.
Search Types
Record Search the database for matches within the various fields describing protein (node) entries. The results are returned as a list of proteins that fulfill the criteria specified.
Text Search the database for sequences matching a particular sequence or its fragment. The results are returned as a list of proteins sorted by the BLAST significance score (p-value).
Sequence Search the database for proteins containing a motif specified as a Prosite ID or as a user-specified regular expression.
Article Search the database for interactions described in selected article(s). The results are returned as a list of interactions that were described by at least one experiment from the selected article(s).
pathBLAST Search the protein-protein interaction network of the target organism to extract all protein interaction pathways that align with the query pathway. [NOTE] This is external service provided by Trey Ideker's group at UCSD.