Submit Interactions to DIP and IMEx

All interactions in DIP are entered manually, which takes time. By directly submitting your interaction data to DIP, you:

  • ensure rapid availability of the interaction data to the research community
  • ensure proper identification of each interacting protein
  • additionally supply the data to the other major interaction databases (IMEx)
  • save DIP curators time, so that they can enter even MORE interaction data!
To submit interaction data to DIP, follow these two easy steps:
  1. Format the data (using one of the tools below)
  2. Email us the formatted data file.
If you run into trouble, we are happy to help -- email us at

Data Formatting Tools

(Web Form)
This simple, Web-based tool prepares Molecular Interaction Files (MIF, format 2.5) that are readily accepted by all IMEx partners. FormIt requires only a very basic description of the interaction data (or MIMIx; see Orchard et al.). *Suitable for small numbers of interactions.*
MIMIx Template
(Microsoft Excel spreadsheet)
This template produces spreadsheet files that are formatted correctly for upload by IMEx partners. In addition, this submission format accepts greater experimental detail than the Web-based FormIt. *Recommended for large numbers of interactions.*

Useful links

OLS Site EBI's Ontology Lookup Service (OLS) site provides access to the most recent controlled vocabulary terms that shoud be used to annotate interaction data.
MIF Tools These simple tools are useful when preparing MIF 2.5 files. 'MIF Viewer' displays the contents of a MIF file in an easy-to-read format, and 'MIF Syntax Checker' checks whether the file conforms to the formal MIF 2.5.3 syntax specification.